Someone reminded me today that March is nearly over. WHAT!? How is that possible!?
March flew by for us, SO much happened in our life.
Here is a brief recap via my iphone. 

We worked A LOT. So we treated ourselves with a date night out. We saw Frozen; I loved it, but I'm still not convinced Phil was as enthralled as I was. We snuck in these smoothies. (sneaky-sneaky**) 

I got a part-time job at Legacy Bagelry, an all organic, local bakery that makes New-York style bagels and tons of delicious Jewish treats. It has been a lot of fun. (That isn't me: I don't have those cool tats, plus I can't bake. Double Fail!) I just do the pour over and smile as customers come in. ha! It has truly been such a blessing working there. Come see me!

I snuck this photo of Erin. She is my complete opposite and a constant inspiration. 
 Phil's brother Andy came to stay with us for the next month! This is him in all his scruff glory right after getting off the plane from India.

I planted a garden. With a hand-shovel. Huge. Mistake. I'll let you know if something grows though; I'm feeling hopeful!

Other exciting events:
My mom turned 50 and we rented a party bus!
My little sister had a baby! WHAT!?

Non-exciting news:
Phil and I discovered snapchat and I'm completely annoying all of my friends.


  1. Time goes by so fast sometimes! I can't believe March is ending either. But it looks like you had a great month! :)

  2. new york style bagels? sign me up! congrats on your sis having a baby! and good luck with your garden :) it looks like you had a productive month! that's why it went so fast :)

  3. So glad that I get to be a part of your life. Little do you know, you constantly inspire me too. .