Wife Things: I got my husband a dog

I surprised my Phil with a puppy last week. It didn't go well. This is what happened:

Tuesday morning my instagram pal Morgan posted that she found a puppy in her neighborhood and that she needed a home. Getting a puppy for Phil for Christmas had been on my mind for some time. 
So I make all the arrangements in secret. Convincing myself Phil is going to be happy and it is going to play out like a movie on Christmas morning. 

Wednesday evening I arrive back home with the pup. She slept the whole way, a complete sweet heart. Kinsey made a big gold bow for her to wear and proudly I put it around her neck as we pulled in the driveway.  I called Phil and told him I'm home with his Christmas present. 

He replied "is it that watch I wanted?" 
"No this is better than that!"

So he walks up to the car door and stops.

"NO! What the _____ were you thinking!?"

And all I can think to say is, "Merry Christmas!! You have a puppy!"

All in all, I think I knew he wouldn't respond well to me surprising him. I am yet to get him any gift he is truly happy about at first so this would be no different. Although I did hope it would be. 

Twenty minutes after having the puppy in our house he started warming up to her and playing with her. I told him "sometimes its good to not be in control and just embrace the spontaneous things."

Then he named her Miley.
Then he changed his mind and named her Nova. 
It's love. 

Plus, she can already sit, stay, drop her bone and sleep without peeing her kennel/barking all night. 
What's not to love?!


Wife Things

I would like to say that we have dinner together every night and that it is always romantic and beautiful. But we all know that is not close to being true.

Being organized around the house isn't a strong point for me. I am not a great meal planner and I do not coupon. I do know how to cook though. And from time to time I like to make more than vegan chili and lentil soup. (Seriously though that gets us through the busy weeks!)

On one of the last warm-ish nights I made a little back porch dinner. It was chillier than I thought and we didn't stay out there star gazing, but it was a nice break from the ordinary. Plus it was a surprise to Phil.  Sometimes that is all a marriage needs.

The recipe is a butternut squash with lemon, poppyseed, and pomegranates from mynewroots.com. That is my go-to resource for plant based meals with bomb taste so Phil won't even notice there isn't meat, ha!


Shop Telling Oceans

Encouragement is a big passion of mine. Since I can remember I have been making cards and sending them to friends and family to remind them of why I love them. That is honestly a huge part of why I started Telling Oceans in the first place, to encourage.  Recently I have been painting and anticipating the day I could open an Etsy shop to sell greeting cards and little prints. Well, today's the day. I decided to stop waiting and just go for it.

It is definitely a hobby at this point but I am still stoked to launch it. The first cards I am releasing are some fun fall/thanksgiving cards. Please take a look!


Thanks for you never ending support!


Cocoanut Baked Oats

Over the past year I have become quite aware of how food affects every part of our lives and how our life affects how we choose to eat. I really believe that mind, body, and spirit are uplifted when we eat the best we can.  Eating seasonally is especially important, as we need different kinds of nourishment when weather and activity changes.  It is just so cool that the food that is in harvest suits our body for the season. (Probably not a mistake!) 

Not only is seasonal food great for us, it is also cheaper! Yay saving money and feeling great! Read over this article for more info on why you should be eating seasonally. And no, pumpkin spice lattes don't count. ha.

a n y way...
The Oats:
A friend of mine posted her oats this morning on instagram and I used hers as a base, but mixed mine up to meet my cocoanut cravings. 

3/4 cup cocoanut milk
1/2 tsp sea salt
1tsp baking powder
1/4 cup cocoanut sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp cocoanut oil
1 whisked egg
1/4 cup baking oats
(Add oats last)
at 30 minutes top with shredded cocoanut and let it toast up.
Bake on 350 for 45 minutes and enjoy! 

 I am honestly not a great baker, so if you have tips and tricks for healthy baking let me know! xo