Back in high school I had a silly crush. The kind that made me write his name in my notebooks and do really stupid things. One of the most silly things I think most ladies can remember is realizing our crushes like another girl and wanting so badly to hate that girl. Leah was that girl.
She pranced into my youth group. She was teeny tiny, super tan, and wearing more makeup than I was allowed to. She went to a school where people were cooler and listened to better music. She was awesome to be flat honest. I would hear my crush talk about her, and she came around because he would invite her to the group. Oh, and turns out our moms are old friends. We played together at the local YMCA while our moms worked out! There was no escaping Leah.
A year later I switched dance studios, and behold: Leah was there. I was beyond my crush at this point and we became friends. We danced together twice a week, talked about boys and the catty girls in the studio who didn't know our names after years of dancing together.
Fast forward to senior year.  I moved to her school, sat with her at lunch, shared another boy who loved us both (more Leah though) and started going to church together. That summer we went on our first international mission trip to Haiti together. We shared a bed, a shower, clothes, and a love for people we never knew we had.
We went off to college together and got a job together all by accident. Moved away from our small town and started a new life in college. We went to parties together. Church together. Figured out life for God together. I gave lots of rides home that first year and lots of late night coffee shop chats. At the end of freshman year, Leah introduced me to Phil, my now husband.
It is so weird how God used a small crush to bring us together. Through all of these years I don't think we ever considered each other a best friend. We were friends who just kept finding each other in similar places with similar interests at the same time. Funny how that happens, isn't it?
The past few years have been so cool seeing Leah grow into a Godly woman. She is the most positive, uplifting, loving person I know. She is always reminding my intense spirit to have empathy and rest in the good things of life. She is a hard worker. She studied harder to be a nurse than anyone I've met. She is a huge advocate for counseling and getting help to overcome those things in the past that so easily trip us up. She reminds me to be a good wife, friend, and sister to everyone. It is just cool. So now I am sitting on her couch in her little cozy apartment where she lives with her husband (ahm, who I convinced her to go on a date with a year ago), writing this post.  Kindred spirit. Sister. I am so thankful for my sunflower.
Graceful Jesus is the only words I have to describe her journey and I am so thankful to be daily influenced by it. 

Seeing Leah in her dress.

I mean.

My man. 

 She is a beauty.

This photo is just an addition to the collection of Karisa and I with a beverage and dancing.

Ps. Kinsey Mhire took all these photos at Leah's wedding. I have a billion more I love but these are some personal favorite moments of mine at the Bodenbach wedding.


Wife Things: part one

Phil and I met when I was 18, he was 21, and were married by 20 and 23. We were madly in love and knew everything about being married. 


 Now two and a half years in I am realizing: first off I'm clueless in so many ways, but also I have learned some things in the past two years. Because most of you readers are in a similar season I am going to start a series called "Wife Things." I want to document fun things that work, don't work, and that God is teaching me about being a young wife. I would LOVE your input and to hear about the burnt kale chips and the laundromat creeps. 

Okay. First Wife Things post.
here we go...

Fluff off all those baby naggers! "When are you two going to finally have some kids."
oh. None of your business. Bye. 
Can you relate?!

Counsel is always a good idea. Preferably professional. Also mentors and seminars. 
I was a communication major and psych minor and Phil is studying to be a counselor as well. So we are suckers for communication seminars and counseling to become stronger as individuals and as a team.  "Does this mean you are broken people?" Yes. Yes we are all broken people, thats the beauty: no one is better than getting counseling! Everyone can benefit from mentorship and growing!!! YAY!
ok, a bit too excited? I'll tone it down. 

Slowing down. Six jobs and two people is too much work. I mean really. Work is like an addiction for me. I love to work!! But... I have learned very recently is that time together is so important. And we can't have time together if I say yes to everything but Phil. Saying yes to something always takes away from something else. This is true 100% of the time. That has made me really think about what is worth my time away and what simply isn't. 

I really would love to hear some input from all you young wives about managing school, work, establishing a career, eating healthy, becoming a mom, trying to dress cute when you committed to a budget, or even being single and people posting all the time about being a wife and you're pretty sick of it. (sorry). Enjoy those late girls nights till 2am without someone sending out a search warrant for their missing wife. 

Have a lovely one ladies. 


Health and Peace of Heart

Health is SO important to me. I eat organic, take supplements, stay active. But not until recently did I see that God too cares about the state of our body, first from the place of our hearts. It's a ripple effect! And it about slapped me across the face:
"A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones."
(pv 14:30)

Peace in your heart literally leads to a healthy body (NLT). Ladies, lets be thankful for one another instead of secretly jealous or bitter inside! It will bring life and abundance and allow us to love so many more people. 

Have a good Tuesday all!


Welcome, October

"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself." Maya Angelou

Found that quote tonight and was quite moved at the honesty Maya speaks. In my last post I explained that this year has been difficult. Although difficult, I want to elaborate on the fact that there is so much beauty in overcoming and growing. Until this year I was honestly unaware of the hurt I have carried with me, and because of that, could not know who I truly was. I had a vision of the person I wanted to be but was really, REALLY struggling to attain my list of goals. Harmony with my spirit is the best way to describe this fall. I am so thankful for the clear vision this past month has given me and I am looking into the fall with hope of freshness. I am ending September listening to Sam Smith on repeat and thanking God for my wonderful husband, new opportunities, amazing community, and just dreaming up what God has in store for this beautiful life as I become more one with myself.

phew. heavy enough!? I promise I am not all serious and thoughts. I just really believe transparency keeps the tide a-rolling into healing.

In other news here are a few fun things to lighten the mood:
/ I've been listening to WAY too much Ariana Grande this month.
/ My friend Angela Houska took that fun photo up there. She is such a genuine soul.
/ I am giving up coffee shops and eating out frivolously in October. Wish me luck!
/ I started working with my friend Jess who owns FrolicVintage.com. It's been so fun. My official title is "Creative Media Manager."
/ My husband and I own Bindlund as well.
/ I love to dance very odd. (SEE HERE) If you know me and haven't witnessed this, you probably don't actually know me.
/ I am reading Dreaming with God and it is rocking my world.
/ My ultimate goal in the next 5 years is to become an established life coach with an emphasis in holistic wellness. For life coach inspo check out Melissa Ambrosini,  Rachel Macdonald (inspacesbetween), and Saffron and Sage.
/ My favorite instagrammer right now is @herwelshness. You can't follow her and not be encouraged!

Happy October lovelies. I hope you are as hopeful as I am.