Honor and backyard loving.

I began writing this post originally about my dear friend, Erin, who is twenty five today. We celebrated her and her twin brother Everett at our house with a party planned by Everett's wife. The longer I thought about the night and my friendship with Erin the word "honor" just coming to mind.  Honoring others, I have come to believe, is the core element in a thriving friendship and a thriving community.

It stems from a place of gentleness, a place of letting go of the control we want over others and choosing to unconditionally love. This love empowers people to be who they really are.

I love this quote from Danny Silk on honor:
"A culture of honor is created as a community of people learns to discern and receive people in their God-given identities. The clear fruit of establishing a culture of honor is that the resurrection life of God begins to flow into the people's lives, homes, and communities, bringing healing, restoration, blessing, joy, hope, and wholeness. If we don't see this fruit, we must ask ourselves if we are truly honoring those around us as we ought."

That quote is so powerful to me.
I think quite possibly because I am just coming to understand honor. See, my background is not one filled with loving others deeply for who they are. I grew up in a culture of gossip and disrespect, so much so that it became a pattern I had to break free from. In high school I developed unhealthy friendships, ones filled with hidden bitterness, jealousy, and gossip. I surrounded myself with these toxic behaviors because it felt comfortable to me. Coming from a "split home" I never fully learned to give honor to my parents or family either. It was in getting married and coming into authentic community where I started to see these ugly patterns for what they were, and start dealing with them.

If "life flows through honor" then death must flow through dis-honor, or hatred.
Sometimes the mean-girl patterns are so engrained in us from our past that we don't realize how toxic they are.  If you have hidden toxic patterns in your life, cleanse them. Start with love. Let go of the need to control, the need to be seen, the desire to be accepted. Position yourself with open arms and ask God, the God of all love to help you break free.

In close, I am so thankful for Erin, who has loved me and accepted me in much immaturity and allowed me to grow at my own pace.  Her radical friendship has opened my eyes to an honoring community and I am so grateful.



Four summers ago, my brother-in-law hand bound my husband's bible. He had been doing it for donations for some time and had developed a reputation in his community for doing great work for a great cause (paying for a his food and school). People were always asking us where Phil got such a unique bible and we decided that if Andy ever took a break from his traveling that we would have him teach us the hobby. It took him two years to come visit, but when he did he taught us the ins and outs of re-covering and binding. Shortly after we gave a few as gifts, word spread. Our friends and family starting asking us if we would do theirs. Then I shared some on the blog and instagram from time to time. Month after month orders from across the country kept coming in, even after I took a break from blogging. So, a year after discussing online about opening a shop, it finally made sense. 

Phil is a deep soul, a true thinker with a mischief sense of humor. He is in school to be a elm. ed. counselor. 
Madison is a dreamer (possibly an idealist), an expert conversationalist who laughs at her own jokes. She is a communication grad pursuing a career in holistic wellness.
He binds. She engraves. 

We are a team. 
Our Hedlund family hobby is now Bindlund.
We are  dedicated to protecting your dreams, ideas, and most loved books with quality leather. 
We bind journals, bibles, books, and personalize it exactly how you want it. 

Personal shout out to Wolftree, our favorite coffee table magazine inspiring young makers to be brave.  Brooke and Noah, you inspire us. 

We are so humbled to have such an amazing community, both off and online. Thank you Esther Ziegler for capturing all of our sweetest moments, from our wedding to our mini-business launch.  

For more information about our leather binding please visit our facebook page. 

instagram- @bindlund


Watermelon Slush

The other day an inspiring friend of mine posted on Facebook about the health benefits of watermelon. 
Don't hate on me, but I've never been crazy about watermelon. It is good and all, but it just never  hit the spot like a good handful of strawberries. That was until I learned about how amazing it is for you, and so abundant in the summer time! 

I adapted this recipe from Young and Raw. Young and Raw is a great recipe resource for clean eating recipes with all of the nutrient information for each food used in the recipe!

I used 2 cups watermelon
half a lime
one cup frozen strawberries
a tablespoon of cocoanut butter
a pinch of Himalayan sea salt
a pinch of cayenne pepper
and 1/2 cup ice water
blend blend blend!

It is SO refreshing, hydrating, is packed with nutrition, a great detox, and not too watermelony for those of us who prefer berries to melons.
Plus the kick of spice is just a lot of fun. 
(not as fun as these pictures though)

Happy July friends, drink up the goodness in the summer heat!


Our Second Anniversary

This weekend we celebrated our second anniversary as a married couple. 
We volunteered with our church painting a local school, helped friends move, ate crepes, played croquet at a winery, (which I am terrible at), discussed love languages with friends, and wrote out what we learned from this past year.

If I could describe our year in one sentence it would be:
The journey of discovering who we are as individuals with two separate yet united callings and the unveiling of God's great goodness, guidance, and grace. 

Even as I write that my eyes tear up. I am so thankful to be figuring out life with Phil. The photo above is one that was overlooked in the wedding albums, but looking back it is my favorite from our wedding day. No posing or trying to be pretty for each other. Just raw, pure bliss and a dance party. That is the memory of our wedding that I have imbedded in my heart and the fun filled marriage we will continue to pursue.

ps. If you haven't done the love languages quiz yet, do it. It is so helpful in loving your spouse, friends, family, and even kids. Do it here.